Ms. Burley's Math Class

      Get To Know Ms. Burley 



  For starters, this is my 10th year teaching as a

middle school teacher. Teaching middle school has

always been a desire since I feel I can relate to

this age group the most.


   Growing up I was always one of those students

that talked in class, waited the last minute to

start work, and hated sitting in school and

listening to the teacher lecture. It wasn't until I

was in middle school where I discovered math can

be fun and it changed my entire outlook on the

subject. When I talk to most middle school aged

kids, they often express that they "hate math"

because it takes too much time, work, and is

boring. My ultimate goal is to prove students

wrong and make them see that math is fun and

interesting since it is a huge part of their daily



     I understand the importance of an education

since my entire upbringing was exposed to working

hard. I attended Divine Savior Holy Angels High

School and graduated in 2002. From there I went

to UW-Waukesha where I attended classes for

my basic credits and attended UW-Milwaukee for

my final two and a half years in the Elementary

Education Program. I have a teaching license that

enables me to teach grades 1-8 and minors in

Math and Social Studies.



(My college graduation ~ December 2007)


   I graduated from UW-M in December of 2006

and substitute taught for half a year in local

Catholic elementary schools. I got my first

teaching job as a middle school educator at St.

Catherine of Alexandria and taught there for two

years. I was in charge of teaching reading,

religion, Algebra, and 6,7,8 English my first year.

During my second year I taught 6th Math, 7/8

Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and 7, 8 English.

From there I went onto Christ King for 5 years

and taught 6-8 Math and Algebra 1. Now I am in

my 3rd year at The Indian Community School

teaching 7th and 8th Math.



 (A student did this for my love of Ryan Braun!)      (My friend and I meeting Gwen Stephani in 2005)   




 Ryan Braun signing autographs July 2011              (My best friend and I with J.J. Hardy)



   Well, to conclude the basics about me, I love

teaching first and for most, am thankful for all

the opportunities I have encountered and am

always willing to give 110%. Some interesting tid

bits about me that have nothing to do with my

career are as follows....


   * I have a younger sister; Michelle


   * I have always had pet rabbit. I have had a

     total of 9 ever since third grade! They are

     my babies and I love talking about them.


   * My favorite food is the supreme pizza


   * My favorite dessert is Sara Lee Cheesecake


   * Double Stuffed Oreos are the best cookie


   * I live on coffee

        (Starbuck's Mocha Frapp's are my favorite!)


   * I enjoy traveling when I have the chance

     (taking cruises have been my latest love)


   * My favorite colors are purple and red


   * I wanted to be a teacher since 2nd grade!


   * I love thunderstorms


   * I hate bugs of all kinds!


   * My birthday is December 5th

       (my middle name is Nicole ~ can you guess why?)


   * I hate driving in the snow and heavy traffic


   * Spring is my favorite season


   * I enjoy listening to 99.1 The Mix


   * I've met Gwen Stefani & the Black Eyed



   * I love Ryan Braun (Go Brewers!!!) and the



   * During the summer I work at Miller Park and 

      see the players every home game! They

      often say hi as they go to the clubhouse.


   * I am a HUGE Brewer and Green Bay Packer

     fan and never miss a game!


   Want to know more? Just ask me; I love

getting to know my students and I know they

enjoy getting to know me.


And duh, I LOVE MATH!!!!       



(This is my little Missy ~ a Holland Lop)


(This is Lola ~ another Holland Lop at 8 weeks old)