Ms. Burley's Math Class

General Tips For Studying Math


   ~ Attend class as much as possible

       - Class time is limited, but a lot of material is presented, if you are absent seek notes from a friend and ask the teacher for help right away.

     ~ LISTEN during class

          - Sometimes important ideas will not be written down on the board, but instead just spoken by the teacher. Also, other students might explain how to solve the problem differently for more ideas.

      ~ Take good notes

          - Write everything down from the board including HOW to do the problem. I always simplify the textbook notes so you understand. Write down everything!!!

          - Be neat and organized. I always label the sections, color code your vocabulary, and give page numbers. Use them while you do your homework and refer back to them even after the chapter is over.

     ~ Ask questions

          - No question is a dumb one. Guarantee someone else is stuck; you are just the smarter one to ask. I can't read your mind and I can help clarify your misunderstanding by walking through the steps with you differently.

     ~ Listen when others ask questions

          - It is always better to hear other questions and answers. (Two heads are better than one sometimes)

     ~ Review notes after class

          - At home every night review what we did in class. If something is still confusing take note of it and ask the next day. Seeing the material more than once is the best!

     ~ Make a set of index cards

          - Right down rules, steps, topics, possible examples, vocabulary, formulas, etc. This way you can review in between classes, in the car, etc. to refresh the memory.

     ~ Allow adequate time to study

          - You CANNOT  wait till the last minute to study a subject that includes so much information. It is not like studying other subjects. All content relies on the previous information. This is why it is so important to constantly review and stay on top of things.

     ~ Do homework daily

          - Always do your homework! I give odds so you can check your answers in the back of the book. See if you understand it or not by checking, but show all work.

          - Use your note taking notebook while you are doing your homework! Go step-by-step like we do in class. Enough repetition will build your understanding.

     ~ Practice, Practice, Practice

          - Practice makes perfect (Need I say more?!) Use your homework samples, classroom exercises, quizzes, old tests, and the book (evens) for more help! Ask me for the evens to check if you were right. DON'T CREATE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS! How do you know if you are right?

     ~ Seek help if you need it

          - I am always available to help you. Even though I am always with students and we may need come up with weird times to meet, I try to help you understand. I want you to get it! If not me, think about a tutor or older sibling to help you.


          - Think that you can do this! If you start off negatively, the results are not the best it can be!

          - I know it can be frustrating at times, and it is my job to help you get the material the way YOU learn best. Together you can be successful with hard work and dedication!!!!






During The Test Tips

     * During the test, take deep breaths and don't worry 

       about the time. I can always give you more time!


        * If you are allowed to use your Note Taking Notebook

       USE IT FAITHFULLY!!! If you took good notes like

       mentioned above, you have everything you need at your

       finger tips!

    * Get a good night sleep the day prior to the test.


    * Take a practice test from your book prior to the day.

       There are plenty after every chapter and extra practice

       sections. Use them!

     * Check your answers to see if they make sense! (ex. If

        the directions say round to the nearest tenth would you

        write down 7.346432 ?)


     * RELAX! If you get stuck, circle the problem and move

        on. You can always go back to it!


     * Don't be afraid to use scrap paper. SHOW ALL YOUR

        WORK because I give partial credit!




Helpful Tool Tips

     ^ Use the Internet as a resource. There are a million

        websites available for practice, reviewing, and playing

        games to help. Here are a few to think of...     (This goes along with your textbooks)

                                        I even showed you how to see videos on every

                                       lesson as a review! USE IT!!!!!!!



        ^ Ask me where to look for extra practice or ideas I can tell 

          you how to search!


       ^ If anything else, think of a tutor. Many high schools might

          have kids interested in helping or check out professional

          places within the area.




 7th Grade


7.1 and 7.2: This is the regular 7th grade class. Their book is at

          the 7th grade level that will enhance their skills and

          build a deeper understanding of the math content at a

          reasonable pace. I will often use worksheet in class, but the

          book is a good resource. In this class we will focus on the



  • Chapter 1 - Integers and Rational Numbers
  • Chapter 2 - Equations
  • Chapter 3 - Inequalities
  • Chapter 4 - Rations, Rates, and Proportions
  • Chapter 5 - Percents
  • Chapter 6 - Geometry and Area
  • Chapter 7 - Surface Area and Volume
  • Chapter 8 - Analyzing Data
  • Chapter 9 - Probability

 8th Grade


8.1 and 8.2: This is the regular 8th grade math class. Their book

                  is at the 8th grade level that will enhance their

                  skills learned throughout middle school. I tend to use

                  worksheets in class more often and will go out of

                  order. We will build a deeper understanding of the

                  math content at a reasonable pace that will prepare

                  them for Algebra I (in high school). In this class we

                  will focus on the following...


  • Chapter 1 - Real Numbers and the Coordinate Plane
  • Chapter 2 - Solving Linear Equations
  • Chapter 3 - Introduction to Functions
  • Chapter 4 - Graphing Functions
  • Chapter 5 - Systems of Linear Equations
  • Chapter 6 - Exponents
  • Chapter 7 - An Introduction to Geometry
  • Chapter 8 - Transformations
  • Chapter 9 - Geometry and Measurement
  • Chapter 10 - Data Analysis and Probability
  • Chapter 11 - Polynomials (extra if time)
  • Chapter 12 - Right Triangles/Trigonometry (extra if time)


RTI Algebra: This is only during RTI time and is an addition to

            their regular 8th Math class. The book I use as a reference

            is a high school textbook, but capable of learning at an

            8th grade pace. The concepts involved are used in high

            school and prepare the students to either repeat Algebra I

            or advance to another course such as Advanced Math,

            Algebra II, or Geometry (in high school). This class

            assumes students understand the basics and will focus

            applying the concepts to higher level applications.


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Algebra
  • Chapter 2 - Working With Real Numbers
  • Chapter 3 - Solving Equations and Problems
  • Chapter 4 - Polynomials
  • Chapter 5 - Factoring Polynomials
  • Chapter 6 - Fractions
  • Chapter 7 - Applying Fractions
  • Chapter 8 - Introduction to Functions
  • Chapter 9 - Systems of Linear Equations
  • Chapter 10 - Inequalities
  • Chapter 11 - Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Chapter 12 - Quadratic Functions
  • Looking Ahead - Probability, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry