Ms. Burley's Math Class

 Math Class Expectations


     Math Classroom Supplies


   * Pencils (mechanical or wooded) A LOT!!!!

      (No pen will be accepted on ANYTHING!)


   * Red Pens (non erasable)


   * 2 Three Subject Spiral Notebooks

       (1 for Homework & 1 for Note Taking) 


   * Erasers as needed


   * Math Textbook (responsible for any damaged to it)


   * A Book Cover


   * A Basic Calculator

     (only has the basic functions - no scientific needed!)


   I encourage students to try problems without calculators

because they will not always be allowed to use them on tests


   * Folder (2 pocket)


   * Assignment Notebook 


   * Graph Paper is optional






             Math Classroom Syllabus



        >  Bring supplies to class (replenish as necessary)

             (see above)                        


       >  Don't be afraid of making mistakes, that's when you 



       >  Label all assignments (sections, page numbers, and

              problems) (If not labeled correctly, it won't be counted)


       >  Complete homework everyday in notebook (try every

              problem) (NO looseleaf unless instructed)   


       >  Show all your work (I give partial credit)      


       >  Check and score homework with class daily               


       >  When absent, get missing assignment(s), notes, and



       >  Get late work in, but points decrease                 


       >  Take notes everyday and do daily problems during each



       >  Study notes for tests and practice past problems               


       >  Don't rely on extra credit because I hardly do any


       >  Refer to this website often for helpful sites, updates, and

              tentative due dates


   *(Calculators can be used only when the teacher recommends it.

    Students may use calculators to check their problems at home;

    however, all work must be shown on paper to receive full




      <  Come into room with completed homework in notebook,

           and note taking book out on your desk, and wait for directions.


        <  All assignments can be retrieved from a binder labeled,

            “Ms. Burley’s Assignments” everyday (This is my

             assignment notebook for all math classes) or my website.


        <  Don’t rely on calculators all the time because you will

            hardly use them in class. All work must be shown!


        <  There is math homework EVERYDAY! If assignment is

             completed, study notes!!!!!



               Tests 40%

               Projects 20%

               Problem Solving 15%

               Homework 10%

               Quizzes 10%

               Participation 5%


   ***Math Content Covered

              + Number Theory and Operations                                  

              + Measurement                                       

              + Probability                                               

              + Communication                            

              + Making Connections                                       

              + Algebra & Geometry                                       

              + Problem Solving                                                      

              + Representation                             

              + Reasoning



    ***How Math Will Be Learned

Tests                                    Quizzes                            

    Group Work                          Videos

    Hands-On Labs                    Smart Board

    Homework                            Lecture

    Multiple Activities                Taking Good Notes  

    Asking Questions                 Games

    Discussions                          Websites/Research

    Review                                  Whiteboards