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Judgment Call Notes


Key People


Alison = Judge’s Wife            Danny= Asian Gang Leader              Hector =Middle Man


Lance Dolan = Kills judge’s wife                   Orson Hardy = Killed Josh (cop)


Raymond = Asian Gang 2nd in line leader     


Josh’s Wife = set up arrangements to kill judge’s wifethrough Hector and hired Dolan




Math discussed inepisode = pi reference, scatter plot, data, Basin Filter


Basic Summary:


·        Judges wife shot (Alison)

·        Judge sets the trial on Asian gang bang case

·        Was said lots of people could be killer but for different reasons----so we create a Basin Filter

·        Basin Filter compares to spam email (gets rid of junk) by calculating the probabilities that email is spam (it finds commonwords like Finance, stock…..)

·        Danny (Asian leader) on trial for death penaltywith judge.

·        Don thought he was could be hit man for Alison because her husband was the judge.

·        Don thought Raymond (2nd leader) would want to kill Danny and be the new #1 gang leader.

·        FBI thought for a while judge hired someone to kill wife because of record on separation and house calls for disturbance.


·        Amita created a 3D scatter plot that described all the relevant cases

·        A small # of cases stands out

·        Decision theory calculates human decision making with risk and reward and was used to filter files on graph to narrow down whocould be motivated enough to kill Alison.

·        Graph breaks down top people motives to 2 guys (Lance Dolan and Orson Hardy)


·        Orson killed a cop (Josh) for a drug bust that went bad in cold blood.

·        Orson wants to appeal (16 times) and a new trial; but judge is not buying it and refuses.

·        Orson might want to kill the judge so he gets another to replace and grant freedom.


·        Lance Dolan was convicted for an arrest and trialed, but never showed and is on the run with a reward out for his arrest.


·        Josh’s wife wants people to understand the pain her and her family are going through financially and behavior issues with children (also hard to be remind)


·        Hector is a crime tipper and met Dolan at a bar

·        Dolan looked like he had something to say so Hector got him drunk to spill the beans

·        Hector has a grudge on Dolan because in a separate incident Dolan stabbed Hector so he wants revenge

·        Dolan said he did something and will never get caught so Hector called the tip hot line and ratted Dolan out.


·        Don doesn’t understand why the FBI should watch Dolan at first.

·        Charlie explains that sometimes math finds things we can’t explain (pi) and no one knows why but it does

·        Pi connects Dolan to judge but in the beginning can’t figure out why?


·        Dolan’s warrant is out for stabbing Hector andexplains why Hector wants to snitch on Dolan or set him up for going to jail.


·        So Hector is the link = pi and is the commondenominator.


·        Dolan is worth $25,000 if turned in.

·        Hector calls Dolan’s girlfriend and she warns Dolan the Feds are coming, but gets caught


·        Hector in the end sets up hit man Dolan to kill judge’s wife on an order from Josh’s wife. Hector was friends with Josh andonly set up meeting between wife and Dolan.


·        Josh’s wife was mad at judge’s for not givingher husband’s murder the death penalty and many years of painful memories haunther.

·        She ordered Dolan to kill Alison so he wouldknow what it is like to go through pain and think twice about next victim andconviction sentence.


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